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List of OSHA standards cited most frequently in 2017 released

Fall protection training requirement makes debut on annual top 10 list

The annual list of most-frequently cited OSHA standards was released this week at the National Safety Center (NSC) Congress & Expo in Indianapolis. Although the list looks pretty similar to years past, there has been some movement.

The general requirements of fall protection (1926.501 [1]) ranked first on the list again this year [2], as it did last year [3] and the year before that [4]. The top five categories, in fact, have held their positions for the past three years.

The hazard communication requirements (1910.1200 [5])—which are especially pertinent to healthcare employers and other industries where workers handle hazardous substances [6]—have held steady as the second-most-frequently cited set of OSHA standards.

Citations related to electrical wiring (1910.305 [7]) have continued their downward trend relative to the other top standards, moving from eighth place to 10th in two years. This year’s ninth-place finisher, fall protection training requirements (1926.503 [8]), jumped onto the list for the first time in recent memory.

For more detail on the OSHA standards for the past three years, review the chart below [9]. (Or click here [10] for the PDF version.) The numbers associated with each category indicate the number of violations cited under each set of standards. These numbers are based on each fiscal year, and they are considered preliminary. A final report will be published in the December edition of NSC’s Safety+Health [11] magazine.

NSC President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman said in a statement that the list of top OSHA violations is “a blueprint for keeping workers safe [2].”

OSHA-Top10-citations-three-years [9]