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Want to be an author for HCPro?

Hi folks –

As you know, from time to time, I ask you for your input on books that the safety market at HCPro will be working on. After all, we are trying to help you do your jobs better and you’re the people who know best what you need.

Below is a list of the book subjects that we have in development for this year. This is in direct response to the feedback we have gotten from customer surveys, market research and trends, as well as a good look at the books we’ve done in the past and felt that needed a re-write.

What we don’t have are authors, and that’s where I need your help. To get these books written, I need to get the ball rolling talking to subject experts who know a things or two about the topics below.

If you are interested in writing a book for us, or know someone who is qualified, please drop me a line at jpalmer@hcpro.com. You don’t have to be an experienced author, and this is a great opportunity to get your name out there on a book cover – and you will be compensated.


Drug Diversion Prevention – Preventing theft of controlled substances at hospitals has always been of paramount importance, but it is still a big problem, as evidenced by the Sept. 28 Justice Department settlement, requiring Massachusetts General Hospital to pay $2.3 million to resolve allegations that lax controls enabled MGH employees to divert controlled substances such as oxycodone for personal use. The book could discuss components of a good prevention plan including things like the establishment of an internal drug diversion team; the creation of a full-time drug diversion compliance officer position; mandatory training of all staff with access to controlled substances, how to identify the signs and symptoms of substance abuse; enhanced diversion monitoring by supervisors and management; annual external audits; and increased physical controls of controlled substances, including limiting and monitoring access to automated dispensing machines through fingerprint identification and other security measures.


PPE Handbook for Pandemics – A comprehensive primer of the proper PPE for any infectious diseases/substances healthcare workers are likely to encounter, especially given Ebola, MERS, and other highly infectious diseases that are showing up at hospitals. We could cover respirators, full body suits including donning and doffing techniques, spotters, PAPR respirators and N95 respirators as well as when each would be required.


Hazardous Waste Disposal and Management – As the EPA regulations become stronger (Proposed new generator rule could pass any day), hospitals not in compliance can be fined by the day, the disposal of hazardous wastes in a hospital become much more confusing and crucial to follow. We’d like to do a book that helps you wade through the regulations, explains the different kinds of waste generated, and give you tips on how you can reduce waste in your facility.


Proper cleansing/disinfection of GI duodenoscopes – A book about the origins of the problem, what the risks are, how to overhaul your facility’s reprocessing program, as well as the fines and lawsuits that can follow the outbreak of a major infection at hospitals. This book could contain checklists and lots of important information about how to design an effective scope reprocessing team and procedures, as well as how to train your staff who may be responsible for cleaning them.

I look forward to hearing from you!

John Palmer