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Train your employees with OSHA’s hazard game

I don’t know many employers that allow workers to play video games on the job but OSHA just came up with one that just might make your facility safer.

Officially called the “Hazard Identification Training Tool,” the game is billed as an interactive game that allows the user to walk his way through a virtual workplace; you can pick your choice of emergency room, construction site, or manufacturing.

Sound effects make the experience real, and the idea is that the user clicks on the areas that they see potential hazards popping up. An on-screen explanation tells them what the danger is, such as sharp edges on a cart, and gives them points for picking the right ones.

I wouldn’t suggest letting them do this while they are working with patients, but it’s definitely a tool worth adding to your training arsenal that they could easily do while on a lunch break. It’s kind of addicting once you get into it, and that will translate to safer employees who care about what they are doing.

Check out the interactive game here. [1]