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GHS preparations and the most dangerous employees

As we here in the Great White North known as Boston deal with a seemingly endless series of snowstorms and Patriots-palooza, I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate the next few months of newsletter articles.

As you probably know, June 1 of this year marks the OSHA deadline for adhering to the new GHS system of labeling hazardous chemicals in your facility. By then, it is expected that not only have you taught your employees to recognize the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on chemical containers but manufacturers will also be required to start providing the new labels with their products. The idea is to provide a seamless transition to a new labeling system that will be more universally known and make it easier for workers to know what they are working with and to obtain first aid information.

We all know it’s not that easy. I‘d like to know if you are having any problems transitioning to the new system. Are your employees trained, and are you noticing the new labels coming into your facilities with new stockpiles of chemicals. What hardships, if any, is this new labeling system causing you and how are you getting your employees ready?

Next, I’m compiling a list of the Top Most Dangerous Employees in the Healthcare Facility, and tips on how to deal with them. We’ve all seen them: the person who isn’t a team player, the one who thinks they know it all, and the one who doesn’t know they’re being dangerous.

I’d like to know who are the dangerous people dealt with in your careers, and short of firing them, how do you change or deal with them? Part of training is being able to work with your employees and helping them become safer at their jobs. I’d like to hear about your tips and techniques.

As always, feel free to drop me a line at jpalmer@hpro.com.