Safety week was a success!

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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to the many readers who submitted answers for the Safety Week Trivia Contest. After a random drawing of the correct answers I am happy to announce that Dolly Rasmussen is the winner of the $100 gift certificate for any products in the HCPro Marketplace. Congratulations!

For those who want to check their answers, please find the correct answers to the trivia questions below

1. According to OSHA, work-related injuries and illnesses affect how many hospital workers every year? Answer: 253,700 work-related injuries and illnesses, a rate of 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees.
2. The National Safety Council recommends several tips for reducing slips, trips, and falls in the home and workplace. Name three of them.

Varied Answers: Examples include wearing slip resistant shoes, keeping floors clean and dry, clean up spills immediately, and keep aisles and passageways clear and in good repair, and well lit.

3. According to OSHA, which type of injury is the most prevalent in hospitals, affecting at least 50% of healthcare workers?

Answer: Sprains and Strains or musculoskeletal injuries

4. The National Safety Council was founded in what year? 1913

5. OSHA has a new website devoted to worker safety in hospitals. What is that website’s URL?


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