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Webcast: Build Nurse Engagement Through Coaching and Mentoring

Studies show only 30% of your nurses are actively engaged, which can negatively impact patient satisfaction, safety, and nurse turnover. Join us to discover how to engage the rest of your staff.

Join experienced nurse and leadership specialist Patty Kubus, RN, MBA, PhD, on May 28 at 1 p.m. ET for a 90-minute webcast to learn how to build a culture of nurse engagement.

Don’t miss the chance to improve nurse satisfaction, increase your nursing staff’s commitment to the organization, and raise the level of patient care. This webcast will discuss how to build a culture of nurse engagement, which leads to higher productivity, higher patient satisfaction scores, lower turnover, lower absenteeism and fewer safety incidences.

In addition to the expertise and advice presented during this webcast, you’ll also receive a slide presentation of the program materials and tools, including an organizational culture concept map and a personal values exercise.

Can’t listen live? You’ll be able to download the on-demand version at no additional charge when you buy the live version. Use it as a training tool at your convenience—whenever your new or existing staff need a refresher or need to understand a new concept. Play it once or dozens of times!

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