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Clinic safety could take a fun lesson from the airlines

Safety is always a serious subject, especially in the airline industry [1], which has one of the best safety records in any industry but any lapses in safety and security could have disastrous results.

Still, anyone who has taken a trip on an airplane has undoubtedly tuned out the pre-flight safety lecture that flight attendants give about fastening your seat belts and grabbing your seat cushions if you go for a swim during your flight.

That’s why I am loving Delta’s new in-flight safety video [2] which has been circulated this morning on social media. It’s a fun take on the usual safety video that gives a nod to the 80s, featuring multiple references to the decade including Alf, Atari, breakdancing, Teddy Ruxpin, and Devo.

It’s an era that I remember just a little bit too much, but the humor of it got me to watch it and take it seriously, especially when I watched Alf trying to put an oxygen mask on his snout. It just goes to show that safety can be fun as well as serious, and maybe it takes a little humor and a different approach to get people to pay attention to the same message.