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Hospital infections are creeping their way into clinics

I just got off the phone with an epidemiologist with the the CDC, and they are warning that some of the nasty infections and Superbugs once seen only in hospitals are finding their way into medical clinics. With more surgeries and outpatient procedures being performed in these ambulatory clinics, infections such as MRSA and Hepatitis C are becoming more prevalent, they say.

The causes? Well, many privately-owned clinics don’t have the oversight from state and federal regulators, and therefore aren’t being watched as closely. Also, smaller clinics generally don’t have the infection control and know-how that some of the bigger hospitals do.

What’s still alarming is that the CDC says that up to about 10 percent of these providers are still clueless on basic infection control practices, and that inspectors have seen some of them performing such basic no-nos as re-using syringes and double dipping in vials of medications.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, and what you are seeing in your own clinics.