Survey finds 15 percent endoscopy scope improperly cleaned, contaminated

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A study of five U.S. hospitals found three out of 20 reusable GI scopes were improperly cleaned, leaving behind bacteria and other potentially disease-causing matter. Some experts say the scopes – which are used to examine the colon during an endoscopy – should be replaced with disposable scopes. See the entire story below:

Survey finds 15 percent endoscopy scope improperly cleaned, contaminated


I’m a 55 Year old male. Back in 2008, I experienced weight loss. After a negative result from a bone marrow biopsy, my personal physician recommended me to the Mayo Clinic. The Medical Institution performed a battery of tests that include, but not limited to CT scan and Upper Endoscopy. I had absolutely no stomach issues, like bloating, pain, and belly fat before my visit. In fact my stomach was flat through regular jogging.

Three months after my Mayo Clinic visit, I began to experience severe stomach pain, and bloating. Keep in mind that all tests, including stomach biopsy were negative during my Mayo Clinic visit. The immediate suspect was endoscope contamination. It is very hard to me fathom how can such a renown institution would not fully sterilized its equipments.

I recalled the endoscopy procedure process to be like a production line with many patients waiting to be examined. I’m still suffering from stomach bugs that refuse to go away. I’m scared to death about doing another endoscopy fearing subsequent contamination.

In addition to my original weight loss issue, I have stomach symptoms that are making my ability to regain weight very difficult. About four years ago, I was tested positive for H-pylori. One course of antibiotic has not helped me.

I would be glad to read any suggestions, maybe from Mayo Clinic itself.


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