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OSHA cautions on fireworks hazards

Usually the only fireworks that one equates with workplace safety is of the interpersonal type, but with Independence Day coming up, OSHA reminds employers,  employees, and regular consumers of the danger inherent in fireworks displays, both public and private.

OSHA’s pyrotechnics safety page [1] addresses two sectors in the pyrotechnics industry: retail sales of fireworks and fireworks display. The Web page includes descriptions of common hazards and solutions found in both areas of the industry, downloadable safety posters for workplaces where fireworks are handled, and a video demonstrating best industry practices for retail sales and manufacturers based on National Fire Protection Association consensus standards.

The page also links to other federal standards associated with the industry, such as those of the Consumer Product Safety Commission [2] and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives [3], both of which address consumer use of fireworks.