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NIOSH guidelines for hazardous drugs in healthcare

The following recommendations, published by NIOSH in 2004 [1], cover the prevention of occupational exposures to antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs:

•Assess the workplace, including:
— Equipment such as PPE and ventilated cabinets
— The physical layout
— Types of drugs being handled
— Equipment maintenance
— Waste handling, decontamination, and cleaning procedures
— Spill response

Regularly review the current inventory of hazardous drugs, with input from staff members

• Conduct regular training reviews with all potentially exposed workers where hazardous drugs are used

• Implement a program for safely handling hazardous drugs and review this program annually

• Establish procedures for handling drugs, cleaning up spills, and using PPE

• Establish work practices related to drug manipulation techniques, such as prohibiting eating or drinking where drugs are handled

• Develop workplace procedures for using and maintaining all equipment that reduces exposures