Weekly poll: Healthcare as a dangerous job

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics on workplace injuries and illnesses in 2010, healthcare workers experienced an injury/illness incidence rate of 5.2 out of every 100 ­full-time workers, a number well ahead of the private construction sector (4.0), manufacturing (4.4), and natural resources and mining (3.7). Do you consider healthcare jobs as dangerous? Take the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Weekly Poll and let us know.

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health care job is dangerous due to following reasons

1.Exposure to differant type of microorganisms
2.Exposure to X-rays and chemical
3.Stress situation
4. NO relaxment during working hours due to bussy sheduldes

By Jack Knowlton on March 1st, 2012 at 1:43 am

Only in America with no gun safety laws.

I am astounded that most people consider healthcare to be dangerous. Obviously, they have never worked in the following industries:
1. Law enforcement doing surveillance and patrol.
2. Fire fighting- remember 9/11/11. My husband was a fire fighter and one of his friends went through a stairwell during a fire when it collapsed and fractured both legs.
3. Working in an ammunition facility, nuclear energy facility or a laboratory that handles dangerous microbes for research.
4. Many types of construction- esp. commercial buidlings.
This is jsut the short list- I guess it is in terms of how you think about your environment and if you are a proactive individual or expect to be told about every hazard. I will agree that stress in healthcare is present- but it is in many fields today esp. in this economy so, again, I can’t rate it worse than many jobs you could be doing. You can protect yourself from exposure to all the ones listed above by taking the time to educate yourself and be informed. In general, I think there are many more dangerous occupations.


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