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Safety officer tip: Enjoy recordkeeping exemptions—while you have them

Be grateful for the little things. While hospitals and long-term care facilities are busy this month posting workplace injuries to meet the federal OSHA posting requirements, you don’t have to—that is, as long as you understand the recordkeeping exemptions for your type of healthcare facility.

OSHA requires most businesses to post a summary of the previous year’s injuries on the OSHA 300-A form from February through April “in a conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted,” according to the OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook.

Whereas some healthcare facilities are exempt from posting, others are not [1]. You must post if your business is a nursing and personal care facility, hospital, or home healthcare service. Facilities that don’t need to post include offices or clinics of medical doctors (that includes ambulatory surgery centers), dentists, and osteopathic physicians; offices of other health practitioners; medical and dental laboratories; and health and allied services.

If you do business in a state operating its own OSHA program, check with the injury posting requirements as not every state has adopted the federal recordkeeping exemption.