Colorado considers mandatory flu shots

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The Colorado State Board of Health will vote next month on whether to mandate flu shots for healthcare workers.

The board is considering a recommendation by state health officials requiring influenza immunizations “for nearly all hospital and nursing-home employees, with no religious or other personal exemptions, saying patient protections outweigh individual choice,” reports The Denver Post, January 26.

The proposed rule would work in concert with state and national goals to increase healthcare worker influenza immunizations to 90% by 2014.

High-risk facilities that did not reach required immunization rates would have to switch to a mandatory flu shot policy, according to the Post. Lower risk businesses, such as assisted living and home health, would have more leeway on establishing flu shot policies for workers.

The rule would not affect medical and dental practices since the state does not license those types of healthcare facilities, the Post reports.


But it will affect our hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, outpt dialysis and LTC facilities as most of those are licensed in our state. It is the first time that I know of a state that has takenon this endeavor. For those who think this is not constitutional, I have a quesiton. When do our patients’ rights begin? You can’t kill someone unless it is in self defense or, in Colorado, under the “make my day law” in defense of yourself in your home.

Kudos to the state of Colorado for looking at this important safety measure. Vaccination not only helps protect the patient, but also your co-workers and can have an inpact on the community at large!

I don’t believe in vaccines, personally. My sister and I went unconscious from the one that killed hundreds of kids. I still remember the taste of metal and it was the mercury that was in it. That was what killed the children before it was taken off of the market, called DTP. All of these vaccines have some type of allergen and/or live virus. And if I were to die from it, then what? The governemnt won’t pay my family because it was “voluntary.” And Bush signed into law that all monies given to the families from deaths of vaccines would be stopped. NO THANKS. The flu vaccine doesn’t guarantee anyone from getting the flu, anyways. I don’t need any governemnt or lobbying group telling me what to inject into my body.

Linda- most vaccines were changed in the mid-1980’s from multidose to single dose and these do not have mercury in it. You are right- there were problems in the 60-mid 80’s with DPT- it was removed and reformulated. The new vaccine is much differnt, all is produced as single dose with no mercury. Part of the problem arose becuase of the addition of several vaccines to the scheduel in the mid-80s where the children started getting HIB, HBV & DPT at the same time and the level of thimerosal did exceed recommendations from the FDA. The only vaccine that is partially produced with thimerosal is the multi-dose influenza vaccine but it is also available single dose with no preservative. Please look at current research and methodologies from the CDC and ACIP website. You can also write soneone there who will eventually get back to you with more information on the changes that were made.

We need to remember the days when lack of vaccine killed. In the past few years there have been several pertussis outbreaks that have resulted in the deaths of young infants in the USA. We forget that measles blind and kill, pertussis kills, polio paralyzes and kills. Look at statistics in developing nations where vaccines are not available to see the toll the illnesses take.
Listen to the mother of the 3 year old who died of influenza that he acquired in the hospital from the nurse. She testified in support of mandating flu vaccine at the hearings in Colorado. Try to support the mother who lost a 6 month old daughter because she didn’t know the care giver’s children were not vaccinated and they gave it to her son.
Listen to Greg Polland’s story about the 36 yr old cancer patient who acquired nfluenza from her nurse. They knew it was the nurse as she had no visitors. Her 3 yourng children became wards of the state as there were no relatives or friends to take them and put in SEPERATE foster homes. Imagine loosing not only your mother but each other. Until the vaccine was mandated at Mayo, the nurse was allowed to continue to refuse and work with these patients.
You speak of rights- your rights stop when they infringe on others rights to life and safety. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT PATIENT SAFETY. Get updated on the reasons for vacciantion or for the handful who can’t be vaccinated the need to wear a mask during influenza season. To me the abiity to pass influenza to vulnerable patients is murder just as surly as if I killed them with a 45mm Tarsus handgun- it jsut is more difficult to establish.

Well, so much for freedom of any kind. My wife is being fired for not opting get the flu shot. She has NMO and her doctor says that getting a flu shot is not an option as it will have a negative affect.

A medical declination from a physician is considered a reason to not have to get the shot. So, she does not need to be fired. Just have her make a dr. appointment and get the form signed.


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