ANA survey: Workplace safer for nurses

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A survey by the American Nurses Association (ANA) shows that overall workplace safety has improved compared to the concerns of nurses ten years ago, but other conditions still need attention, according to Nursing World.

Compared to 2001, the availability of equipment for safe patient lifting and handling and safety devices to prevent sharps injuries and bloodborne pathogens infections have made the healthcare workplace safer for nurses.

But problems still persist and the survey shows that now more than ten years ago nurses are concerned about:

  • Acute/chronic effects of stress and overwork
  • Disabling musculoskeletal injuries
  • Contracting infectious diseases such as TB
  • On-the-job assault injuries

Though lower on the priority list, the survey also showed increased concerns about exposure to hazardous drugs and chemicals in healthcare compared to 10 year ago.



I think Nurses now days look for issues to complain about or worry about. We all know going into this profession that the impassibility is there to contract something and if they are that scared then I think they should look for a different profession. That is what we have universal precautions for and PPE. I have been a RN for over thirty years and I am still healthy.

By Daniel McBride on January 18th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

I continually emphasize the importance of wearing PPE with patients who have MDROs. Occasionally I will hear from staff that it’s easy to become less conscientious because so many patients have MRSA, and they are in and out of gowns and gloves in isolation all day. Some staff have actually said that they believe everyone who has been in healthcare for any length of time is colonized, which is not true. If anything keeps me awake at night, it’s the possibility of someone getting exposed to a contageous illness and becoming ill because we cut corners. TB doesn’t worry me nearly as much as MRSA, VRE, or C diff, whose consequences can be just as harmful. As simple as it sounds…observe isolation precautions every time, and wash your hands!

By Bruce Cunha on January 18th, 2012 at 4:27 pm

It is clear that this is a personal opinion poll and not an actual scientific study. As someone once said, Opinions are like belly buttons (or other more private parts or one’s anatomy”, everyone has one.

Most of the issues raised have a lot to do with the number of persons that are available to do the job. This is a nasty circle. You need X amount of staff and have to pay they a working wage, but you are also pressured by everyone, including the government to keep costs down.

Health care is a physical job and in that it deals with people, it will be a difficult one to reduce a lot of these issues.


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