Feds asking for healthcare worker flu shot advice

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The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking for comments on a draft guidance for achieving a 90% influenza immunization rate for healthcare workers by 2020.

The guidance document is from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), and the request for comments appeared in the Federal Register, December 19.

In brief, the five recommendations for healthcare employers (HCE) are:

  1. Establishing influenza infection prevention programs recommended by the CDC to achieve the Healthy People 2020 influenza vaccine coverage goal of 90%.
  2. Integrating influenza vaccination programs into existing infection prevention programs or occupational health programs, including the Public Health Service, HHS staff and Federally Qualified Health Centers.
  3. Standardizing the methodology used to measure influenza vaccination rates across various healthcare settings, and working with CMS to implement incentives, penalties, or requirements that facilitate adoption of this recommendation.
  4. After implementing steps 1-3 above and still not achieving a 90% influenza vaccination rate, HCEs should strongly consider an employer requirement for influenza immunization.
  5. Improving influenza vaccine research, development, and licensure, including the rapid production of existing influenza vaccines.

Comments are sought by a broad range of stakeholders having interest in influenza vaccination coverage among healthcare workers, such as:

  • General public
  • Advocacy groups and public interest organizations
  • State and local governments
  • State and local public health departments
  • Healthcare professional societies and organizations
  • Healthcare organizations

The comment period ends January 16th, 2012. Click here for the draft guidance and a link to comment.

Do you think this action by the HHS makes mandatory flu shots for all healthcare workers more likely? Let us know in the comment section below.


I too, am sorry for your loss. I too know a little something about flu. It killed my great-great grandmother in 1918 at age 26, leaving my great grandfather an orphan. She was poor, likely malnourished, no access to healthcare nor any of the lifesaving measures we have available to us today. On the other side of that coin, vaccinations killed my fully vaccinated daughter. I did not find my information on the internet. I sat in a university library for hours upon hours week after week for the better part of two years trying to find answers when trying to decide what to do for my subsequent child, my now 15 year old, incredibly healthy, unvaccinated son. I myself had the flu in 2007. It was so horrible, I did think I could die. I was 35 years old. I lived (thanks to help from my naturopath) and I’ll never get a flu shot. I watched my grandfather have a stroke within 2 hours of his flu shot and my mother in law (a nurse) have a life threatening, severe acute reaction which caused her to need steroid injections into her joints. Not to be callous, but had your grandmother received a flu vaccine ever? Other vaccines? What was her general state of health? Diet? Vitamin D deficient? What kind of medical care was provided? I could go on. We are exposed to literally millions of pathogens on a daily basis. We don’t vaccinate for remotely close to all of them. Somehow, we survive. Somehow we as a species have survived for thousands of years despite only using vaccines for around 100 years on a mass scale. Out of the millions of species on earth, we vaccinate what, maybe 20? Humans, farm animals, pets (not mine! vaccine free just like my child) My grandmother who is still living got the worst flu of her life the one year she got a flu vaccine. She’ll never get another one. Again, I am sorry about your grandmother. I’m also very sorry my great grandfather became an orphan at only a few months of age in 1918. But that doesn’t stop me from seeing the truth about vaccinations, which again, I didn’t find on the internet. I began my research before I had the internet available to me, 15 years ago. It’s just silly to allow flu to be made out to be a boogeyman for which the only savior is a neurotoxic brew we inject into our bodies thereby bypassing the most important parts of our immune system and forgetting about Th1 response. Plenty of evidence shows, the flu vaccine is ineffective and it carries plenty of risk. The real question here is should anyone be forced to take this vaccine as a condition of employment? The answer is NO. That does not STOP you or anyone else from receiving it and being all safe! Knock yourself out.

REMEMBER, EVERYONE, OSHA isn’t dealing with this. Send your comments to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC). Many of you might find it rather interesting that NVAC committee member Clement Lewin also works for Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (they manufacture flu vaccine). Can you say “conflict of interest”??? Now that, I did find on the internet. But I’d bet a nickel it’s true! Be sure to point that out in your comments.

from link above:
Comments can be submitted electronically to Jennifer Gordon, National Vaccine Program Office at: nvpo@hhs.gov. By mail, comments can be sent to:

National Vaccine Program Office, US Dept. of Health and Human Services
Attn: Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination c/o Jennifer Gordon
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 733-G.3
Washington, DC 20201

By Maureen Luschini on January 12th, 2012 at 10:52 am

I am baffled by ther responses in this blog. Vaccines have been identified as the greatest public health measure of the 20th century. Consider the extent of neasles, mumps, rubella, and, yes, flu, had we not been vaccinated over the last 30 years. And to those who “never get the flu” please thank those of us who do to spare them the exposure to transmistted virus. Please become informed and educated and make rational decisions based on science! HCW owe it to their patients to protect them by getting vaccinated.

By Joan Mootry on January 12th, 2012 at 12:38 pm

And just who identified vaccines as the greatest health measure? Certainly not the hundreds of thousands who have been seriously damaged, many even killed. Take a look at the charts of disease incidence and you will see that all illnesses were in sharp decline prior to mass vaccination programs. This was due to improved sanitation and hygiene. For example, whatever happened to scarlet fever? There was never a vaccine for it.

The 1950s mass vaccination of polio vaccine caused a spike in incidence. Further, it is now known that many current cancers contain Simian Virus 40 (SV40), the 40th monkey virus known to be in polio vaccine. There is growing alarm and recognition among some experts that polio vaccine causes cancer, not only in the directly vaccinated, but also in their offspring.

If EPA”s “acceptable” (not “safe”) limit for the amount of “ingestion” of mercury was applied to the amount of mercury in the “injection” of one flu shot, the recipient would have to weigh 550 lbs. There is no standard for the insane practice of injecting mercury directly into the blood stream where it crosses the blood brain barrier. An infant would have to weigh 225 lbs. to meet the “ingestion” limit. Now even fetuses are being poisoned through flu vaccines given to their pregnant mothers.

There are comments herein that continue to show blind belief in the myth of “herd immunity”. Please think about this: If vaccines worked, why would my child have to be vaccinated to protect your vaccinated child? Stop believing corporate lies. Do your own research.

Maureen, Please educate yourself~!!! There is NO herd immunity from vaccines. It is a MYTH, a LIE, a WISH. You would not be baffled if you had spent the last 11 years researching the science of vaccines like I have. Vaccines do not operate in the manner you have been led to believe. Why do you think so many people are against them? Personal experience to the contrary to what we have been told. Folks have learned the hard way of the devastating problems with vaccines. If you get your information from the media or doctors who are trained by industries that profit from vaccines, of course you will think they are helpful. That is the Perpetuating Myth that we have been sold. Vaccines are NOT responsible for the reduction of disease. Better hygiene and access to better nutrition is responsible for reduced disease. Vaccines CAUSED polio, vaccines CAUSE cancer, Alzheimers, etc… DO the research please. If you don’t get the flu, it’s because YOUR body was able to clear it, not because of a vaccine given to someone else. The idea of vaccination came from homeopathy and that method was successful, what we have done with it since is an outrage. If you feel you must be vaccinated, please look into homeopathy which is effective and safe.

Mandatory vaccines violate, at a fundamental level our constitutional rights. Additionally, vaccines have never been proven to be effective in warding off disease.

By Lenore Olson, RN on January 14th, 2012 at 11:34 am

I am absolutely horrified at the thought of being required to have a flu shot. I have not had the flu for 40 years and that’s without the shot. I take care of myself in a natural way and have NEVER been a risk to my patients. This is nothing but Big Pharma greed.

By Suzanne Clegg on January 14th, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Vaccines are unscientific, unproven, toxic, dangerous and mostly untested. I cannot ethically, medically or humanly imagine how it would benefit my patients to hurt myself.

Please, anyone who has commented here, send your comments to the NVPO, info below. Because the deadline is the 16th and that is a Federal holiday, they are accepting comments through Tuesday, the 17th, 5:00 pm EST. You can email them, it is that easy. Ask for an extension of time for the comment period, there’s been less than one month!

Comments can be submitted electronically to Jennifer Gordon, National Vaccine Program Office at: nvpo@hhs.gov. By mail, comments can be sent to:

National Vaccine Program Office, US Dept. of Health and Human Services
Attn: Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination c/o Jennifer Gordon
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 733-G.3
Washington, DC 20201

7 year old Vermont girl dies after flu vaccine. Gets sick then turns blue and dies, parents are waiting for autopsy results, but claim to know in their heart it was the routine flu shot received Dec. 2, 2011. Folks, this is just not acceptable, profit before people.

the CDC should come pay a visit to the pt in ICU who came down with Guillian Barre, got intubated, subsequently trached and has just had a return visit to the icu. All this right after receiving a flu vaccination. ‘nough said!

Everyone who gets the flue vaccine in our unit gets the flu anyway. It has always made me sick. It doesn’t seem to prevent the flu. I no longer get the shots and don’t get the flu. It contains mercury and other toxins. I opt not to be a part of the grand experiment.

I am a healthcare worker and was forced to get the flu vaccine agianst my religious beliefs!! God gave us immune systems!! Giving us vaccines basically states you dont trust in god! We did not give the goverment consent to make our health decisions! Whats the point of having freedom rights then? We are basically your robots now! Thats morally and legally wrong! Power and MONEY is playing a big part in this and its sickning!! Do your research!! The flu vaccine is only 50%effective! Is also lowers our immune systems! Simply eat right, dont be lazy and exercise and WASH your hands!! Thats ALOT more effective than putting poision in our bodies! Does that not make sense to you? We should follow god not man! Read the bible!!!!! Our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit and we should not pollute it!!!!

According to a recent published study in the medical journal “The Lancet”… the flu shot only spares 1.5 people out of 100 from getting the flu.

To see how the lie of effectiveness is massaged see double u, double u, double u dot naturalnews dot com/033998_influenza_vaccines_effectiveness.

I am tired of being an “experiment” from the medical profession! Exemptions needs to include medical and personal beliefs for folks who use alternative healthcare methods which are more healthy for our bodies. Who do you think you are to eliminate my FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!! Shame on ALL of you who advocate this proposal!

How many of you have actually sent comments where they need to go? You can simply email them, see below:

Comments can be submitted electronically to Jennifer Gordon, National Vaccine Program Office at: nvpo@hhs.gov. By mail, comments can be sent to:

National Vaccine Program Office, US Dept. of Health and Human Services
Attn: Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination c/o Jennifer Gordon
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 733-G.3
Washington, DC 20201

While it is great to see so many RN’s on here tell the truth about flu vaccine and state that they are against it, you all need to realize that you are going to be forced, with no option of exemption, if you don’t stand up for your rights. You can’t count on the rest of us to keep you safe from forced vaccinations! PLEASE send your comments to the email above and use the address provided in your heading. The deadline is not until Tues, the 17th, 5pm EST, I got that straight from the NVPO. Request the comment period be extended! There has been less than one month and this policy impacts millions of healthcare workers. Even without it, we are seeing HCW’s be forced across the nation. Some have lost their jobs. Some have hired attorneys (which I highly encourage) because this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Nonetheless, government will continue to do unconstitutional things unless you bloody stand up for your rights! Whining on OSHA’s blog is great, and I love reading these comments, but they aren’t going to change anything!

@noshotsforme…I submitted my email to Jennifer and I also shared this with other co-workers at the healthcare facility that I work at AND Physicians that I know personally that are agianst vaccines as well!

Awesome! Keep it up. May I ask what state you are in? Only because I might be able to tie you and those physicians you are speaking of in with groups that are fighting this at the state and federal levels. You can email me personally at hapi.vaxinfo@gmail.com I’m with Health Advocacy in the Public Interest and we are and have been fighting this. Forced vaccination as a condition of employment is unconstitutional, but it is happening every day in every state.

No. We should have the CHOICE to make those decisions to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Health care workers cannot be forced to vaccinated as a step towards employment. Without choice, it could have serious consequences.

What if the person is allergic to the vaccine? What if the vaccine makes the person ill or causes death? What measures can be taken to help the affected vaccinated person? Would the company making the vaccine be made legally and financially liable for any such negative outcomes?

No, the company making the vaccine would not be made financially liable for any negative outcome. They are protected by the act that authorized the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Vaccine producers are protected from any liability. There is a tax on each dose of vaccine that funds the VICP which is very adversarial, almost no one qualifies and if they do, it takes years to get some piddly settlement. What a great industry, mandated products and no liability whatsoever. Which is even more reason employers should not require this medical procedure which carries risk as a condition of employment.

The deadline for comments has passed. It was a joke anyway as none of the real stakeholders knew about said proposal at the federal level. This is just one more example government gone awry, putting more money into industry which lobbies for their own interest and profit while naive/complacent organizations eat up such mandates like a “warm and fuzzy pie” for their own good at the expense of the peasantry worker bees. PURE IDIOCY.

I am a licensed health care worker who was required to get the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines in December of 2009. The day I received them I began having severe symptoms of Neuralgic Amyotrophy (NA) which was diagnosed after two weeks of severe pain and seeing two primary care MDs and a chiropractor who didn’t know what it was.

I strongly recommend using effective incentives, promotions and education, but not mandatory policies, to encourage high vaccination rates. I still have the effects of this serious injury. In addition, The VCIP, the Countermeasures Program and Worker’s Comp processes have proved to be disappointing in their response, and very burdensome to one who has had to spend one’s own time finding and using appropriate treatment and recovery programs to heal from my injury. I am continuing to work to keep my job and health benefits while suffering the continued and not well studied or understood condition I acquired as a result of the flu shot. None of my providers, even the ones who diagnosed me with EMG and nerve conduction studies, could explain the mechanism that was at work to cause this reaction. Only one study listed in all of PubMed studied the possible mechanism of how a flu shot could injure the brachial nerve in the way it does.

Just this month another worker at the hospital where I am employed described to me a very similar reaction as mine that he has from his flu shot received in Dec 2011. He is just “going along” with his pain and weakness and may not be getting the full treatment that could benefit him because these are little known reactions. I have shared technical information with him to take to his MDs. That’s at least two serious reactions in three years in population of 1000 or so workers. These are serious side effects that I believe are under-diagnosed, under-reported and under-treated.

I recommend extensive surveillance of all health workers to find the true cost in terms of mild to severe reactions, lost days of work and other costs to them and our society from mass vaccination. Also, the CDC’s own guidelines to prevent infection within hospitals are not used fully to prevent spread of flu. It appears to health care institutions to be easier to require vaccination than to implement known effective surveillance systems and other less invasive methods to prevent or control the spread of infection. These methods would also lead to a more knowledgeable and vigilant workforce.

My father died of polio in 1950 and we were all glad to get vaccinated against polio. The flu is another matter, however. Very little is known about how each individual’s immune system will respond to a flu vaccine, and whether it will be effective. The lesson I learned from this relative to mass immunization is “one size does not fit all.” Clinical trials to test vaccines only include samples in the low thousands. (e.g. see:http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM182242.pdf) “Rare but not uncommon” reactions such as NA might be easily missed with such small samples.

I applaud the CDC and public health entities in the US in their efforts to prepare our country for quick and effective response to public health emergencies. However, I believe that all voluntary and promotional efforts be applied, while continuing further research, before mandatory policies are recommended or set in law or regulation.

Daniel B.

I agree and have a very hard time allowing someone to violate my body by injecting chemicals into it against my will. My wife has 2 months in which to take the flu shot or she will be put on suspension. Once that happens she has 2 weeks to take the shot or she is fired. She is also 23 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy took 7 years, fertility doctors, and 2 miscarriages before we stopped trying. Then the miracle of GOD! We are now pregnant. We are not sure what we are going to do. So far the hospital is standing firm and says blindly “Its safe with no risks” Jan 2013 is our deadline.

By gregory apone on September 12th, 2018 at 7:01 am

peaple need to quit babying addicts,addiction is a choice,and life time free gov. bennifits,addicts are not held accountable for crimes they commit to get drugs. i worked for a scumbag who ran sober houses in boston ma,petter mccarthy,if uou had you rent he didnt care if you used drugs. sober houses are not under guide lines,,so they are dirty,drug and bug infested


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