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Safety officer tip: Small practices hardest hit by bloodborne pathogens fines

A reader liked my post on OSHA citations of small medical practices [1], but thought that an analysis of the dollar amount of bloodborne pathogens fines would better ensure compliance by hitting practice owners in the pocketbook.

Agreed, so admittedly pushing aside the obvious benefits of better protecting you workers, take a look at what size of medical practice is bearing the financial brunt of non-compliance with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Of all the bloodborne pathogens fines levied against medical practices, 45% occurred in practices with 1 to 9 employees, followed by slightly larger practices of 10 to 19 workers with 31% of fines.

Small practices with 1-9 employees also had one of the higher dollar amounts per citation. The average fine of $1,904 per citation (remember, in most inspection there are multiple citations) was second only to $2,435 average fine of practices with 100 to 249 employees.

Here’s the bottom line, figuratively and literally: Small practices, you lead in the percentage of bloodborne pathogen fines compared to larger practices, and your average fine per citation is higher than most other practices by size.

Can you afford non-compliance?

Percentage of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens fines by size of medical practice

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I’ll do a companion post on BBP fines by practice size.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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Greetings and happy thanksgiving.

It is interesting to have documentation on the impact of OSHA focus on smaller facilities. In this week’s news, you mentioned

An even more compelling case against the “too small to worry about” argument is the dollar amount of those violations.

Do you have data sorted to that time period that shows those dollar amounts?

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