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Nurses bear the brunt of abuse in emergency departments

The latest results from a survey by the Emergency Nurses Association Institute for Emergency Nursing Research shows that over any seven-day period in 2010, 53% of nurses reported experiencing verbal abuse and 13% reported experiencing physical violence, according to HealthLeaders Media, November 14 [1]. Furthermore, these results are not much improved compared to a similar survey done in 2009.

In analyzing Emergency Department Violence Surveillance Study, November 2011 [2], HealthLeaders Media notes:

The report also noted that “66% of nurses did not file a formal report when they were physically assaulted, and 86% did not file a formal report when they were verbally abused.”

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the state legislators have introduced a bill that would protect healthcare workers from assault.

House Bill 1992, introduced by State Representative Nicholas Micozzie (R) and supported by Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals [3], would require healthcare facilities hospitals to conduct security risk assessments for creating safer workplaces and  “help victims of violence report incidences,” according to HealthCanal.com, November 16 [4].