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Surveyors eyeing eyewash station compliance

An item on eyewash stations in Mac’s Safety Space [1] spills over into the OSHA Healthcare Advisor bailiwick and is a good reminder to safety officers whether you are anticipating an accreditation survey or not.

Here is what Steve MacArthur, safety consultant for The Greeley Company [2] and an occasional blogger in this space [3] had to say:

We’ve talked about the overarching issues with weekly testing of plumbed eyewash stations any number of times over the years and I am always happy to respond to direct questions. The key element here is that if your organization is not conducting an at least weekly testing regimen for your plumbed eyewash stations and has not documented a risk assessment indicating that a lesser frequency is appropriate, it will likely be cited. My consultative advice: If you’re not testing at least weekly, please do so, or do the risk assessment homework.

Mac’s post addressed other trends he is seeing during healthcare facility accreditation surveys including:

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