Mass. reports on healthcare worker flu shot rates

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The Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services has posted its annual list of healthcare facilities showing influenza vaccination rates among healthcare workers.

The report provides an alphabetical list of all licensed healthcare facilities in the state with the percentage of workers vaccinated for influenza.

An analysis of the data is available in 2010-2011 Massachusetts Healthcare Employees Influenza Vaccination Report Massachusetts Public Health Council, September 14, 2011, which shows the influenza vaccination rates by facility type:

  • Acute Care Hospitals, 70.8%
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers, 68.8%
  • Clinics, 58.2%
  • Dialysis Centers, 60.6%
  • Long Term Care Facilities, 58.9%
  • Non-Acute Hospitals, 42.9%

The report includes full and part time worker vaccinations administered in the healthcare facility or employee reports of receiving immunizations elsewhere.


It really appears that HCW’s are not getting the message. And you wonder why many facilities are making it mandatory.

By Eugene L. Packer on September 27th, 2011 at 11:53 am

It really appears that a lot of HCW,s have got the message,which is why they are not getting the flu shot.

It is unfortunate to see people as uninformed as Eugene about influenza vaccination. He must not believe in valid evidence-based science but prefers the sensationist urban-legend sites instead. No wonder we lag so far behind many other nations in the field of science!

And, the LTC &LTAC facilities with the most vulnerable patients who build up the lowest level of immunity are among the worst offenders.

I do not condone mandatory flu shots for all HCWs. I do recommend that HCWs get their flu shots annually by educating them on the reasons it is so important to protect the patients they are caring for along with their family, especially elderly and very young relatives. I believe that we should not have this right taken away from us – this is still America – is it not? If this means all HCWs wear a mask while caring for patients during the flu season, then so be it, but atleast we will still have a say. Why not start with mandatory hand washing for all HCWs including physicians? Now there is something that needs addressing – is it not?


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