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Horrible Bosses: Silver screen amusement, real world solutions

Here’s a tip of the hat to NIOSH for keeping it real in a pop-cultural way.

The current NIOSH Safety Blog “Horrible Bosses [1]” uses the film by the same name to instruct on workplace violence prevention.

Not wanting to throw a wet blanket on the summer blockbuster, NIOSH suggests real-world alternatives to “offing the boss” for the management candidate, dental assistant, and accountant characters in the film:

Admittedly not as entertaining as some Hollywood story arcs go, but probably more practical than…SPOILER ALERT…dousing your boss’s cocaine supply with rat poison.

For details, read the blog, [1]which also offers specific advice for healthcare settings:

Nonfatal violence in the healthcare industry can be reduced by conducting a workplace security analysis and implementing appropriate environmental (e.g., arrange furniture to prevent entrapment of staff), administrative (e.g., adopt measures to decrease waiting time), and behavioral (e.g., train employees not to carry keys, pens, or other items that could be used as weapons) prevention measures [3].

And it provides links to previous posts about violence against pharmacists [4] and violence against nurses [5].