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Sterile matters: Consider stretch goals to push beyond comfort zone

Stretch goals, a new trendy phrase,  have a lot merit, in my opinion.

Goals are sometimes too lofty, but in today’s challenging times within healthcare, we need a new way to concourse tough circumstances. Stretch goals just might be part of the answer.

All too often we either do not set our goals high enough, or they are set in a way to not ever be truly attainable.

Stretch goals are different and very relevant outside of the traditional business world. With healthcare currently mired in challenging circumstances, new types of goals and how we approach them is needed. They can help to combat the lack of tangible resources for less obvious skills deficits from people in critical roles and anything that can be imagined in-between these two that are plaguing our facilities.

You might be asking yourself just what stretch goals are and how you can create them?

Simply, they are goals that push a person (or an organization) to move beyond their comfort zone, but not so far that they become impossible to reach. Too often many want to either coast through the day or achieve the near impossible.

To secure great results, overall, lots of smaller successes are usually needed. It is then that a person or a group has a good foundation to build toward arger and more rewarding outcomes and wins.

Remember, creating a workplace, designing a ultimate endpoint, doesn’t happen instantly. The more individual pieces of the whole that begin to align, through stretching slightly past your comfort level, the more you are augmenting your skills and becoming a better asset to your organization. That is exactly when real successes become possible.