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New Jersey does its thing for illegal medical waste dumping

Here’s a “Jersey thing” that shouldn’t be limited to just the Garden State.

A bill that would suspend the license of a doctor who illegally dumps medical waste has unanimously passed the New Jersey Assembly, reports the The Star-Ledger, May 9 [1].

This situation results from the case of Thomas McFarland, a Pennsylvania dentist, who disposed of medical waste from his practice off the Cape May County coast, according to the report. Click here for more on the history of the incident. [2]

Prior to this bill, a doctor could take the chance that any environmental protection fine would be cheaper than sustained proper waste disposal, explains the bill’s sponsors. Now the loss of of a license changes the risk-reward equation.

Bill A-861 would allow for the license suspension of any healthcare professional, medical waste facility, generator, or transporter that violates the state’s regulated medical waste anti-dumping laws. This would be in addition to current state penalties of up to $200,000 and up to 20 years in prison, reports the The Star-Ledger.

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