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Infection control polices not followed at Ohio VA

In February, 553 dental patients at the Dayton (OH) Veterans Administration (VA) hospital underwent hepatitis and HIV testing after suspicions of poor infection control compliance regarding a dentist who had worked at the clinic for years. (Read the full story at OSHA Healthcare Advisor.) [1]

On Monday, the VA inspector general’s office released a report saying the hospital failed to follow infection control polices by allowing a dentist who failed to sterilize equipment and comply with infection control guidelines to continue practicing.

The review was conducted in December after employees expressed concerns about the dentist’s actions, reports the [2]Associated Press. [2]

Instruments used on patients were not sterilized between each use and the dentist allegedly answered his phone and drank coffee with his gloves on and didn’t change them, says the report. The VA Medical Center was ordered to address staffing issues and to follow hospital policies. The hospital has set a June deadline to comply with the recommendations.