Weekly Poll: Healthcare workers and chemical hazards

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With NIOSH conducting an extensive survey of healthcare workers on exposure to chemical agents, how well does your healthcare facility protect staff members from the hazards antineoplastic agents, anesthetic gases, surgical smoke, high level disinfectants, chemical sterilants, and aerosolized medications? Take the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Weekly Poll and let us know.

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By Bruce Cunha on March 15th, 2011 at 9:25 am

This NIOSH study is another good example of the government spending taxpayer money for a useless study.

All this will give is subjective information based on the opinions of workers. It did not include anything that the employer (or the safety experts that are in charge of these programs) can document and send in as part of the study.

This will be published and picked up by various news agencies and just add to the perception that we (the health care industry) is poisoning its workers.

I used to look to NIOSH for good science. Lately, all we are seeing is poor studies that hold no scientific value.


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