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MRSA most common in summer and fall

The last thing people want to be thinking about in the summer and fall is contracting MRSA but that’s when it’s most common in children, according to a new study.

The study was published March 23 in PLoS One [1], an open-access journal for the communication of peer-reviewed scientific and medical research. Researchers looked at MRSA cases that occurred at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence over the past 10 years and found that infections in children were higher in the summer and fall then in the winter and spring, reports the study.

Children had 1.85 times more community-acquired MRSA infections in the last two quarters of the year  and 2.94 times more hospital-associated infections, the study found.

In comparison, adults had 1.14 times more community-acquired MRSA infections, but no variation in rates of hospital-associated infections.

Researchers found that skin moisture is an important factor in contracting MRSA because the heat and humidity cause conditions where S. aureus can flourish.