Weekly Poll: The Big Brother approach to hand hygiene

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A new hand hygiene monitoring system lights a badge on the healthcare worker’s lab coat and alerts the nurses’ station when sensors detect noncompliance.

How comfortable are you with healthcare facilities taking a Big Brother approach to hand hygiene compliance?

Take the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Weekly Poll and let us know.

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By Bruce Cunha on February 1st, 2011 at 9:01 am

This is not new. There was a badge out some years back that did the same. When you walked in a restroom or patient room, it would arm itself. If you did not go to the sink, it would start flashing. It did not catch on. I doubt many providers are going to wear one. Remember, in many facilities, the providers are not employees of that facility. I wonder how many hospitals are going to give up millions of dollars in fees that some of the top providers bring in. Most providers had multiple facilities they can work at.


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