Best practices for thorough cleaning that will reduce HAIs

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Hospital studies have found only 25% to 40% of surfaces near patients meet the definition of cleanliness. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has issued guidelines calling for increased performance in cleaning effectiveness to prevent healthcare-acquired infections.

Cintas Corp. released a January 26 press release with a list of six cleaning best practices that will help reduce healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

The company worked with the International Executive Housekeepers Association to create a list of best practices:

• Cultivate an environment of partnership
• Benchmark cleaning products and processes
• Conduct time audits
• Provide thorough employee training
• Recognize and empower cleaning personnel
• Measure cleaning performance on an ongoing basis

Click here for more details about each best practice recommendation.

How does your facility’s practices compare to those listed above? Let us know in our comment section.


As an IP, I agree that 5 of the 6 practices recommended are very valuable, I get a little nervous about the 3rd one- “Conduct time audits”. At our extremly busy level one trauma facility with a wide scope of services, IP has to be an active voice in the room turnover- if we let the other people on the task force who work in surgery or must get patients out of the ED, cleaning times would be reduced. We would have inadequate time alloted for EVS to do it properly- so shortcuts would become the norm. My EVS director and I must be prepared to have the data to defend our position. You need to be careful what you mean by “time audits”. Are you talking about EVS “efficiency” or finding out how long it should take the average person to clean and disinfect the room thouroughly? If it is the former than you might end up with problems- not solve any. The latter type of audit makes sense however. thanks


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