Sterile Matters: Training material considerations

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In my last Sterile Matters I discussed the necessities of training. For this post, I am focusing on developing training tools.

Creating tools for training may initially seem like a daunting task for some. However, I have a few suggestions that might help to make the process a bit easier for you.

Some considerations to keep in mind before you begin to develop your tools:

  • Adults learn differently then children.
  • Not every person learns in the same fashion.

You likely need to brush up on the subject matter. Techniques and information change and improve overtime. It will be important to ensure that your skill and knowledge level is where it needs to be in order to be as effective as possible in developing your materials.

Your materials should be formal and written. This is to help ensure the content and instruction remains consistent.

Here are some things to consider when developing Training tools:

  • Training tools must be constructed with a clear goal in mind.
  • The learning objectives must be concise and measurable.
  • The methods used to train should be documented and the activities must allow participates to demonstrate their skills and level of comprehension. Consider the type of training and the environment in which it will be occurring. The format of your materials that you decide on could be impacted.
  • The training materials should be able to be evaluated. Without evaluating your materials, you will not know what areas of your material or programs needs to be improved, modified, eliminated or even augmented.
  • Have your work peer reviewed, whenever possible. Even with the best intentions, errors and omissions are possible.

While there are many other considerations, the ones I have listed should be some of the first to remember as you begin the process of drafting your materials. Training materials and tools  to be effective must be well developed and integrated as part of an overall training program.

With a bit of time and attention the effort you expend on preparing your materials will not be wasted.

The staff members you will be training are counting on the right information, at the right time and presented in the right way. Through good preparation both you and your team will be happy with the results.


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