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Study investigates how healthcare workers caught H1N1

An investigation of confirmed cases of H1N1 among healthcare workers (HCW) during the 2009-2010 pandemic indicates that 50% were infected within a healthcare setting.

This is one of the findings of “Transmission of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza to Healthcare Personnel in the United States,” [1] an article by CDC researchers appearing in a special supplement on the H1N1 pandemic in the January Clinical Infectious Diseases [2].

CDC researchers worked closely with state and local health departments to examine the likely routes of H1N1 exposure in likely routes of exposure 70 HCWs covering 22 states.

Here are some highlights of the study:

The study concluded that the likely patient-to-HCW and HCW-to-HCW transmissions in healthcare settings highlighted the need for comprehensive infection control policies which include administering influenza vaccine, appropriate managing ill HCWs, and adherence to infection control precautions such as respiratory protection PPE.

Click here for online access is to all the articles in The 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic: Field and Epidemiological Investigations. [2]