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Website focuses on injecting safety into the world

If you are responsible for safety in healthcare facilities, you might want to check out SAFE IN COMMON [1], a newly launched online resource dedicated to raising awareness on global injection safety challenges.

The nice thing about SAFE IN COMMON [1] is that it offers resources for safe injection practices and training not only for occupational (healthcare worker) safety, but also from the patient safety perspective, including “patients who administer prescription drugs at home, injecting drug users and other stakeholders associated with harm reduction, and the vaccination / immunization programs of developing and emerging nations, according to its November 5 news release.

The site, which has sections for expert commentary, unsafe injection stories, and educational resources advocates for a noble goal…”a world where every injection is both simple and safe.”

The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 1.3 million needlestick related deaths worldwide each year.