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Sterile Matters: Training is not optional

Of the topics that we could discuss for “Sterile Matter,” training might just be one of the most important to highlight. Training is different than education. For this month, I would like to focus on the necessities of training for a few reasons:

There are many assumptions made concerning processing surgical instrumentation and reusable and durable equipment, handling hazardous materials, packaging goods for sterilization, etc. This occurs because those charged with the specific tasks come from various backgrounds and experience. There are often knowledge deficits that are not always immediately apparent. This can result in less than satisfactory outcomes from poor technique.

However, it is not a lost cause by any means. In fact, by following the few suggestions listed below, you could be on your way to reducing the gap of knowledge between what should be done from what is done at your facility:

Having a highly educated person in one field of experience is not a guarantee for competently performing specific or safety-sensitive tasks and functions in your area of responsibility. Specialized training will most likely be needed, if employees are beginning a new or different role.

This simple reminder could reduce not only errors, but prevent harm to someone, as in patients and co-workers.