Train staff on workplace safety with: A room of horrors

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Annual OSHA training can become stale if you don’t utilize methods to elicit staff involvement and interaction. Help fulfill your annual training requirement by throwing staff members into a room of OSHA horrors.

The examples below were suggested by Kathy Rooker, safety officer and owner of Columbus Healthcare & Safety Consultants in Canal Winchester, OH. Rooker also contributes regularly to OSHA Healthcare Advisor with her “Notes from the Field” posts.

Set up an exam room with the following mock safety disasters and see whether staff members can identify all of them:

  • Plant an eyewash squeeze bottle in the room with a sign that reads, “Eyewash station.” Squeeze bottles are only approved in emergencies to get the employee to an eyewash station, but they should not replace the eyewash station.
  • Place needles around the room that do not have safety devices on them.
  • Lay out a pair of gloves with the tip of the index finger cut off. Rooker says phlebotomists sometimes cut the finger off to better find a patient’s vein, but this does not satisfy OSHA standards.
  • If you still have some old-fashioned non-safety lancets that are not retractable, put them on the table. These are no longer approved.
  • Have an empty non-latex glove box next to a full latex glove box. OSHA says you must provide alternative PPE choices when necessary.
  • Hang up an old smoke detector with the batteries visibly taken out. You can couple that with a fire extinguisher with an expired inspection tag.
  • Oversaturate a gauze pad with ketchup or red food coloring—make sure it is dripping with the stuff—and leave it in the regular waste container. Anything covered or caked in blood or other potentially infectious materials that can be released must be disposed of as red bag waste.
  • Alternatively, you could put paper—or to make it ridiculously obvious, a take-out pizza box—in the biohazardous waste container as a lesson that paper should be in the regular waste bin to reduce costs.

Do you have other “horrible” workplace safety ideas for the list? Let us know in the comment section below.


An overfilled sharps container

By Edna Dameron on October 28th, 2010 at 11:38 am

Thank you, great success, we set up a OSHA Horror ROOM of Violations, with Halloween theme, used above as well as skeleton wearing goggles inappropriately, and gloves with fingers cut out, had spider webs, spiders and lighting to resemble a room of horrow with at least 19 OSHA and Safety violations, gave the girls 2 minutes and then to come out and list the violations from memory, everyone laughed and talked about what they saw , our first “fun OSHA MEETING” Thank you


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