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Surgical attire laundering is one of AORN’s new recommendations practices

The Association for Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) released its position on home laundering of scrubs. The position is part of AORN’s surgical attire recommendations. [1]

That final version of the recommend practices is now scheduled for release this month and includes [2], according to an article in AORN Connections:

The biggest adjustment in the recommendations is where surgical attire should be laundered. The recommendation says that surgical attire should be laundered in the healthcare setting, rather than at home, to avoid the risk of an infectious disease.

Special considerations must be taken in order for a healthcare facility to launder surgical attire safely and correctly. Laundry must be sorted correctly, washed with appropriate chemicals, packed away and pressed, and then transported and stored appropriately, according to the AORN recommendations.

AORN is offering the Webinar, “Surgical Attire: Professional Accountability [3],” free to members.

How do you feel about the AORN recommendation to launder surgical attire in the healthcare facility? Are you able to achieve the  same type of cleaning with your home washer? Let us know in the comment section below.