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CDC posts fact sheet on flu shots and healthcare workers

Pointing out that healthcare workers play an important role in protecting public health and their co-workers, who are essential to providing care during the flu season, the CDC recommends that all health care workers get an annual flu vaccine in “Influenza Vaccination Information for Health Care Workers.” [1]

Posted September 12, the fact sheet presents compelling points for vaccination such as:

In most years fewer than half of healthcare workers report getting an annual flu vaccine.

The fact sheet also dispels the myth that flu shots can give you the flu and identifies the types of flu shots healthcare workers should receive.

To help make the case for flu shots, whether voluntary or mandatory, in your facility, see the talking points document under the Pandemic Planning heading on the Tools page. [2]

[3]Navigate the sticky issues around mandatory flu shots [3]
Seasonal and H1N1 influenza have prompted many healthcare facilities to consider mandatory influenza immunization for employees. The reaction from employees has been unmistakably vocal, as issues of patient safety and workers’ rights clash. HCPro’s Mandatory Influenza Vaccinations: Get Healthcare Staff Onboard at Your Facility [3], a 90-minute on-demand webcast will provide you with the medical and organizational perspectives for developing a mandatory influenza immunization policy.