Test your safety IQ: TB tests, computer screens, soiled laundry, safety devices, OSHA enforcement

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Do you know the answer to these OSHA-related healthcare questions?

True or False

1. Only skin tests are acceptable for occupational screening for TB.

2. Lowering the computer screen helps employees with bifocal lenses.

3. Computer vision may cause your eyes to blink two-thirds less often than usual.

4.  Physical separation is best for the soiled laundry processing area.

5. The FDA is the federal agency for reporting defective medical devices.

6. A practice with fewer than 10 employees may skip compliance with most OSHA standards.

This is a sample of the simple questions covering practical safety information from the August issue of Medical Environment Update.  Each issue includes a quiz to test your understanding of articles, standards, and guidelines covered in that issue or as a discussion starter in your next employee or safety committee meeting.

Check how well you know the information with the answers below.


1. False. Recent recommendations give no preference to either tuberculin skin tests or Interferon Gamma Release Assays of occupational screening.

2. True.

3. True.

4. True.

5. True.

6. False. The less-than-10 rule has nothing to do with adherence to OSHA standards, although it may exempt some businesses from recordkeeping requirements, planned inspections, and, in some isolated cases, having a written plan. Click here for more on this topic.

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