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Plug into advice on safe electrical receptacles

While it is not OSHA specific, the blog post by Steve MacArthur, safety consultant for The Greeley Company [1], on the HCPro Hospital Safety Center [2] offers good advice on protecting patients through tamper-resistant electrical receptacles.

Since it is short an to the point, we offer the post here in its entirety.

Should children be safer at home than they are in our facilities?

The 2008 edition of the National Electrical Code will require the use of tamper-resistant receptacles in new and renovated dwellings.

Now I know that this doesn’t necessarily include hospitals as a specific concern, but can we, in good conscience, fail to adopt what NFPA clearly indicates is a best practice. You can try to risk assess your way out of this one, but if you decide not to adopt this practice in areas with your vulnerable patients (and I’d include behavioral health in the mix), you’ll likely anger the gods of risk management – never a good plan if one aims to remain in good graces with one’s insurers and attorneys.

Click here for a helpful Q&A from the folks at NFPA. [3]

For an OSHA compliance electrical checklist, go to the Tools page and look miscellaneous heading. [4]