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Time requirements for keeping lab logs for rapid tests

Q: How long do you need to keep on file lab logs for rapid tests that we performed in our office? I am looking for information on lab logs we have for UA, Rapid Strep, etc. We do not do any rapid HIV testing in our practice.

A: I solicited the following answer from my colleague Dan Scungio, MT(ASCP), a lab safety officer from Williamsburg, VA. He provided the following advice:

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) has a records retention list on their website [1]. According to it, accession logs need to be kept for two years for a general laboratory. However, if this is in reference to a non-CAP accredited physician office, different rules apply. You must check with your state CLIA office for local regulations.

For example in a clinical pathology laboratory, patient test records need to be kept for two years, according to CAP.

Scungio provided insight for Chapter 4 on PPE in my new book Complete Guide to Laboratory Safety, 3rd Edition, which can be purchased here [2].