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Don’t just educate but also test the effectiveness of your safety program

Providing safety education is only half the job. The other half is making sure people understand what they have been taught and then put into practice. But how do you measure this?

Of course, one method is to test people after the course has been completed. Safety quizzes are not uncommon, although I’ve found over time, the only information you gather through this process reflects an individual’s ability to recognize the correct answer when he or she sees it.

Other ways of measuring success are somewhat less objective, but can provide some level of efficacy. One involves a combination of two different techniques: observation of employees performing their jobs before and after they have been trained and subsequent review of occurrence reports (this will reflect the types of problems that may be found throughout the hospital). A third method is direct observation and querying of staff during safety activities, such as hazard surveillance rounds and drills.

Editor’s Note. This is an excerpt form HCPro’s  The Hospital Safety Director’s Handbook, Fourth Edition [1], by Steven A. MacArthur. For regular posts on hospital safety see Steve’s blog, Mac’s Safety Space [2].