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Ask the expert: Keeping the lid on won’t placate OSHA

Q: I know that some facilities allow beverages at nurses stations if there is a lid on the cup. To me, there is no difference between drinking from the rim of a cup vs. a little hole on top of the cup. Is this still and OSHA violation?

A: OSHA does not generally forbid consumption of beverages at nursing stations, except when blood, OPIM, or toxic substances are present.

I agree with you that exposure could occur even with lids on cups, and so does OSHA, according to a May 17, 2006 letter of interpretation, “Requirements for covered beverages at nurses’ stations,” [1]which explains that even with “a lid or cover, the container may also become contaminated, resulting in unsuspected contamination of the hands.”

This could be a violation of Bloodborne Pathogens [2] 1910.1030(d)(2)(ix) and possibly also Sanitation 1910.141(g)(2) [3], according to the letter.

With that interpretation in the hand of an OSHA inspector, it might be difficult for the employer to defend the lid-on-cup allowance.

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