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Ask the expert: Unlabeled containers and immediate use

Q: Please state the regulation allowing the removal of a chemical/medication from it’s original  container and placing it into another “unmarked” container for a “small” amount of time and then using it.  What defines a “small” amount of time?

A: First of all the OSHA regulation you allude to is only for hazardous chemicals. I know of none for unlabeled medications, as would be expected.

Section 1910.1200(f)(7) of the Hazard Communication standard [1] addresses label requirements for transferring hazardous substance into secondary containers.

As I explain in an earlier post, “Ask the expert: Hazardous substances in unmarked containers,” [2] OSHA defines immediate use as:

The time during which the hazardous chemical is under the control of and in use only by the person transferring it from a labeled container and only within the work shift in which it is transferred.

Download the attention-getting poster on unlabeled hazardous containers, pictured below, from the Tools page. [3]

unlabeled-container-poster-yellow [3]