Notes from the field: Are you using Lysol to clean that counter?

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When I do my mock OSHA inspections, I often see staff members using household products to clean their counter tops and exam tables. Lysol is an EPA registered disinfectant that kills more than 99% of illnesses causing bacteria and viruses on environmental surfaces in your home, not a medical facility.

There are many good products available that meet the EPA requirements of a registered disinfectant that is tuberculocidal, kills HIV and hepatitis B (HBV) on the  EPA registered products list.

HBV can survive in dried blood at room temperature on environmental surfaces for at least one week. Hepatitis C can survive on environmental surfaces for 16-48 hours.

Whatever disinfectant is chosen, check the label instructions regarding the amount of disinfectant and the length of time it must remain wet on the surface to be effective. Make sure that all clinical staff members know the efficacy of the spray or wipe that you are using in your office. You may use a 10% bleach solution if you make it fresh every day. Contact time varies between state regulations. In Ohio, for example, the contact time is 30 minutes. Bleach may also damage some medical instruments and surfaces.

It is not necessary to keep a daily cleaning log, but you must have a written housekeeping schedule that states what you use, where you use it, and how often. Daily clean/disinfect counter tops and exam tables.

Download samples of cleaning schedules from the OSHA Healthcare Advisor Tools page.


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