Weekly Poll: Workplace MRSA infections

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Prevention of MDROs including MRSA is a major concern for healthcare facilities large and small. In smaller facilities in particular, one study has shown MDROs are increasingly dangerous.

Although much of the focus remains on patient safety, the spread of bacteria can potentially infect workers as well, which highlights the importance for enforcement of best-practices and proper use of personal protective equipment.

But what if a worker does contract a MRSA infection from the workplace? Last week we posted an OSHA Q&A about what to do if that situation arises. This week we ask, has this situation ever happened in your facility?

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The focus should not be on patient safety alone.Why do we isolate and don those hot PPE’s when we allow our patients who are infected to roam around freely?They are not restricted to their rooms as I believe they should be.If they are sick enough to be in the hospital should they be allowed to leave the unit for purposes other than testing? They have rights but so do we as their healthcare provider’s and how does this affect the other patients?


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