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OSHA Watch—General duty clause, hazardous drug list, and respirators in the pandemic influenza plan

The  July-Aug. 2009 issue of  OSHA Watch [1] updates your Quality America Safety Program manual [2] to keep you in compliance with recent changes in the general duty clause, the NIOSH hazardous drug list, and respirator safety as a component of the pandemic influenza plan.

A recent OSHA revision to the Field Operations Manual, the bible for how compliance safety and health officers conduct inspections, has broadened the scope for the general duty clause in the area of recognizing hazards.

NIOSH has added to the list of hazardous drugs for healthcare settings, which was last updated in September 2004. The list identifies 24 new pharmaceuticals that fit the NIOSH definition of hazardous drugs. Eight of the new drugs are antineoplastics used to treat cancer.

Judging by the subscriber calls and e-mails to the OSHA hotline, how to use respirators to protect your employees from novel influenza H1N1 is a top priority, so we have amended the pandemic influenza plan in your safety manual to address that concern.

Also covered in this issue:

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