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CDC sets H1N1 flu shot priority list; take a number please

The CDC yesterday established the pecking order for those individuals first in line to receive the vaccine for novel influenza A H1N1.

There are 160 million of them, since the government doesn’t think it will have enough doses initially to vaccinate every person in the U.S., according to a report by the NPR Health blog [1].

Don’t worry; healthcare workers make the first cut.

Here’s the list of those who will have first shot at the 120 million doses expected to be ready by late October—that’s right, even with all the attention given to pandemic influenza, the experts at the CDC know that not everyone eligible will take them up on the offer.

Left out in the cold, so to speak, are:

Before you accuse the government of being heartless to elders, the experts on the CDC advisory committee point out that pandemic influenza studies show fewer cases of the flu among older people, according to NPR. Researchers believe that this age group has higher immunity levels to this strain of the flu.

The CDC expects more flu doses to be available in November and December for the non-priority groups and those in the first priority group who need a second dose, says the report.

Now that you know your priority level for flu protection, will you take the CDC up on the offer, or will you bypass H1N1 vaccination?