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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days— and maybe you are starting to wish you did—you have probably been locked on to the CDC Web site or the World Health Organization (WHO) Web site for swine flu updates. However, since you’ve had such a bombardment of info over the last two days, we’ve tried to condense the relevant resources and statistics.

As of this morning:

If you looking for some quality resources for swine flu coverage, the New York Times has a great multimedia setup, tracking infections all over the world. The CDC has a good look at the basics of swine flu.

You can also follow CDC updates and coverage by bookmarking our Blog page and clicking on the CDC swine flu widget at the right of your screen.

Over the last few days the CDC has released a a number of interim guidelines for healthcare workers and patients regarding the current state of the swine flu situation. Below are a few of the most important guidelines you should pay attention to:

Also, if your facility is concerned about pandemic preparedness, visit our Tools section for multiple free downloadable planning resources.

Finally, many are approaching these warnings with caution towards media hype, while others say this is a legitimate concern. What’s your take on the current state of swine flu and what do you think will happen? Are you concerned about your facilities preparedness? We’d love to hear your opinions below.


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