MRIs get Joint Commission attention

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Back in November we wrote about how MRI suites were not getting the same attention as other parts of the hospital in terms of cleaning to prevent MRSA infections. The post revolved around a white paper by Peter Rothschild, MD, that explained the neglect these suites were receiving.

Now a press release reports that the Joint Commission is alerting hospitals and imaging centers about the importance of keeping these rooms clean.

Dr. Rothschild’s recommendation in Preventing Infection in MRI: Best Practices, resulted from his close work with the infection control arm of the Joint Commission, according to the press release. He is quoted in the release explaining what the Joint Commission could look for in the future.

“The Joint Commission is clearly concerned over the lack of infection control in the MRI suite. They will, in the future, closely examine this area, and properly train their inspectors to physically enter MRI rooms for a more definitive inspections. The areas under greatest scrutiny will be: 1) existence of an infection control policy; 2) how and when the MRI was cleaned; 3) who are the individuals performing this cleaning and what is their safety training; 4) examining all the table pads and positioners to see if they are torn or frayed. Inspection may even include a black light to reveal biological material embedded in the pads, on the table or within the MRI bore itself.”

The Joint Commission has said it uses the CDC guidelines on infection control, which state that a clean sheet is not a barrier against infections, and that pads and coils must be cleaned between patients, and if any pads are torn or frayed they are to be replaced.

An Infection Control Survey for the Physician’s Office, located in the Tools section, offers a review of IC practices in every part of your facility.

Do you think this is an issue in MRI-suites? Have you seen examples? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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By Diane Luthi on March 24th, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Mr. Sweeney,

As healthcare professionals, professional writing loses a bit of credibility for us when there are misspellings and atrocious grammar. You might want someone to edit for you. Reconsider the following example:

“Dr. Rothschild’s reccomendation in Preventing Infection in MRI: Best Practices, were resulted from his close work with…”


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