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“One and Only” posters instruct on safe injection practices

Concern about patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis and HIV in non-hospital settings has prompted the “One and Only Campaign,” [1] a coalition of the CDC, patient advocacy groups, healthcare professional organizations, and industry partners to promote safe injection practices. According to the “One and Only” web site:

The campaign seeks to educate both patients and providers about their responsibility to ensure protection against healthcare-acquired infections, particularly in outpatient and ambulatory settings. When patients and providers remind healthcare professionals that syringes cannot be reused, then it will become second nature to check to make sure each patient gets a new syringe each time they are injected, according to the campaign announcement, February 11.

The campaign is reinforcing the safe injection practice message through patient and healthcare worker resource web pages which include questions for patients to ask before injection procedures and free posters to remind providers about the campaign’s slogan: “One Needle, One Syringe, and Only One Time.”

Click here to download the posters shown below. [2]

1-oneandonlyposters Can I use that
when you are done
You wouldn’t share
this with anyone…
Your provider shouldn’t
share your syringe
2-oneandonlyposters 1 needle
1 syringe

+ 1 time
0 infections
3-oneandonlyposters Some things
should not
be reused