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OSHA Watch—Compliance for fit-testing and glutaraldehyde spills

This Nov.-Dec. 2008 issue of OSHA Watch [1] updates your Quality America Safety Program manual [2] to keep you in compliance on fit testing for N-95 respirators and determining spill response procedures for glutaraldehyde.

OSHA is inspecting and citing healthcare facilities for not conducting annual fit-testing for respirator protection from tuberculosis exposure, and now healthcare facilities are scrambling to come up to compliance on what is sometimes a time-consuming and expensive exercise.

Glutaraldehyde, a high-level disinfectant used in many healthcare settings, is a potential occupational exposure hazard especially when spilled. OSHA Watch [1] reports on how to determine spill response based on volume and other spill characteristics according to OSHA Best Practices for the Safe Use of Glutaraldehyde in Healthcare [3].

Also covered in this issue:

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