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Name a safety product and win a prize

My good friend Ron Stoker, executive director for the International Sharps Injury Prevention Society [1] (ISIPS), is collecting information on healthcare safety devices, and he is willing to bribe you for information.

Sort of.

The Compendium of Infection Control Technologies is the most comprehensive resource on safety devices used in healthcare. For all of you who don’t know about safety devices—or work with physicians who claim that there are no commercially available safety devices to adopt—check out the ISIPS safety products list [2]. You might be surprised.

If you are able to add a safety product to the list, simply send the name of the product, a web page where the product can be viewed at, and the name of the manufacturer to info@isips.org [3].

For every product that you can add to the list, ISIPS will throw your name into a hat for a chance for a tiny 8 GB flash drive that is “really cool,” according to an ISIPS announcement. But please hurry—this offer is only available until November 17, 2008.

Even if you don’t have a product to add, you just might discover some safety devices that you should have in your healthcare facility that could prevent a needlestick exposure or avoid an expensive OSHA citation.

In addition to the ISIPS safety product list, check out list of safety device evaluation forms [4] free for downloading and the compelling “Real Needlestick and Blood Exposure Stories” that is a feature of every ISIPS newsletter [5]. Click here [6]to subscribe.